Terry Collier has been guiding in the Flaming Gorge area for 31 years, and before that he was a white water guide in the Grand Canyon and the lower Green through  his late teenage years until switching to a fly-fishing Outfit he named Old Moe on the Green River. Now he has added Flaming Gorge Fishing Co. to his repertoire and for the last 10 years  has been guiding for Lake trout on the fabulous Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The other two guides working under this permit, Jim Cohen, and Mike Sargent have equally impressive guiding credentials backed by a lifetime of fishing.

Jim Cohen

Terry Collier

Brandon has lived in Park City, Utah for four generations.  He has been guiding on the Green River with Old Moe Guide Service for since 1999.  The Green River is just over 3 hours from Park City. This river is a blue ribbon fishery, and it is world renowned for trophy-sized trout and scenic beauty. Our trips provide some of the best fishing in the country. The river allows fishing with artificial lures only. We flyfish on any one of **three river sections** which begin just below Flaming Gorge Dam and total 28 miles in all.  Brandon also owns and operates Park City Outfitters.  He offers Provo River wade fishing trips, other rivers, and has some hunting opportunities.  If you are interested in a Provo river wade fishing trip, hunting trip or a Green River float trip with Brandon here is a link to his web site. 

James Boehm

​Brock Henderson,

Paul Messerschmidt

I have been a Fly-Fishing Guide and Fly Tier for better than thirty years.  I have worked at some of the most revered Trout and Salmon waters in the world from Alaska to Chile.  I am considered a Master Drift Boat and fly fishing river guide.  I currently guide on the Green River at Flaming Gorge Utah (32nd year), the White River in western Colorado, Three Forks Ranch on the Little Snake River in northwestern Colorado, I hold a Coast Guard 100 ton Captains license and take fishing charters on Flaming Gorge Lake in Utah, Lake Powell in Utah-Arizona,  Lake Havasu in Arizona-California and for the last few years in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.  My Facebook Page is Jimmy Cohen or jc.fishguide. There are many photos there of all the places I work.

I am happy to report to you that James Boehm now works for Old Moe Guide Service! 
James has been a Green River fly fishing Guide since 2000 and because his dad Hank has been a Green River fly fishing Guide since the 1980's he spent nearly every Summer on the Green from a very young age. So you can say that James knows the Green better than most. James is well versed in all fly fishing technique's, Dry fly, Nymphs,and Streamers, his favorite technique is which ever one is working best at the time. 

Hank Boehm

Hank has been fly fishing since the age of 10 and is going into his 27th year as a professional fly fishing guide. Anyone who has fished with the Hankster knows it is hard to find a better guide to show you great fly fishing experience. Look for Hank to be floating the Green or wading the Provo or Weber in search of a big dry-fly eating trout for his clients.

Cody Patten

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Eric Pietz has been guiding on the Green River for 27 years. He has guided in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, as well as Utah. He guides out of a 19'long and 60" wide custom made Hyde Drift Boat. This boat is very roomy,tons of dry storage, as well as very stable. It is equipped with the best equipment Orvis offers for your free use. Over the years, I have learned, that you must be able to throw dry flies, pull streamers or drift nymphs, IF you want to catch fish EVERY DAY. I am well versed in all techniques and can teach complete beginners or coach experts on how to catch the wild Green River trout. I look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Paul grew up fly fishing the fabled limestone spring creeks of south central Pennsylvania. He moved to Bozeman, Montana for college and began his guiding career there. Paul has been fishing the Green River since 2001, and has been guiding the Green since June of 2005. Paul guides and fishes the green river yearlong (over 200 days), living in Dutch John mid-march through Thanksgiving. Paul is a very patient and well- rounded guide. He enjoys fishing a variety of methods, and is very good with beginners and experts alike. When he is not fishing the green river, he can be found off The East Cape of the Baja, Mexico fishing for  rooster fish, sail fish, and marlin  in some undisclosed location.   

Mitch Kirwan, owner at Moe Henery's fly shop in Fraser CO. Mitch comes over to lend a hand when we need an extra guide and has been guiding on the Green for many years and is a most excellent guide!

Brandon Bertagnole

Mitch Kirwan

Our Green River fly fishing guides are professionally trained and Orvis endorsed with many years of experience.  I can assure you that you will have a great day on the water with any one of these fun guides. Their guiding passion in life is to teach people how to fly fish. These guys love what they do and have a great attitude while doing it.  A good qualified fly fishing guide equals success on the Green River.

Old Moe's philosophy is to provide the best trip possible for each individual. We enjoy the beauty of the Green river canyon through which the Green River flows and accentuate the entire experience related to fly-fishing in our trips. Our aim is to create the most enjoyable trip possible for you, from instructing the beginner or novice who wishes to be taught the basics --- including casting, rigging outfits, and stalking and catching fish, or for the more advanced flyfisher who needs just the guides excellent knowledge of the river

Spencer Black

Brock Henderson

Eric Pietz

Dano Bolton

Meet our Guides

Spencer Black has lived in Utah for most of his life and grew up fly fishing small trout streams since his childhood. One stream ran behind his house, in fact. He started working in area fly shops In high school and has a B.S. in Recreation Resource Management with a minor in Fisheries from Utah State University. After college he worked for the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fisheries, as well as an upscale lodge in Alaska. 
    From these experiences and training, he has become an expert at reading river strategy and trout and aquatic invertebrate habitat. He has been a guide on the Green River for two years, helping hundreds of clients learn how to fly fish using the technique that best suits them and will ensure them a successful day on the River.
    When Spencer is not fishing for trout in the Green River, he spends time chasing upland and waterfowl with his bird dog Riffle, big game with a bow, and spey fishing for steelhead in the Northwest.

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