Meet our Guides


I have been a Fly-Fishing Guide and Fly Tier for better than thirty years.  I have worked at some of the most revered Trout and Salmon waters in the world from Alaska to Chile.  I am considered a Master Drift Boat and fly fishing river guide.  I currently guide on the Green River at Flaming Gorge Utah (32nd year), the White River in western Colorado, Three Forks Ranch on the Little Snake River in northwestern Colorado, I hold a Coast Guard 100 ton Captains license and take fishing charters on Flaming Gorge Lake in Utah, Lake Powell in Utah-Arizona,  Lake Havasu in Arizona-California and for the last few years in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.  My Facebook Page is Jimmy Cohen or jc.fishguide.

Cody grew up in Alaska fishing for salmon, trout and other species.  He started guiding out of high school at age 16 at Lake Creek and on the Skwenta/Yenta/Susitna drainages of AK. He began guiding for Old Moe on the Green in 2016. Cody holds a US Coast Guard 100-ton Master Captain license and has over 15 years of guiding experience.  Currently he calls Dutch John "home" with his fiancé Amber and daughter Autumn.  He loves fishing and guiding on the Green and looks forward to the technical and ever-changing challenges this fishery presents daily.

Hank has been fly fishing since the age of 10 and is going into his 27th year as a professional fly fishing guide. Anyone who has fished with the Hankster knows it is hard to find a better guide to show you great fly fishing experience. Look for Hank to be floating the Green or wading the Provo or Weber in search of a big dry-fly eating trout for his clients.

Brady has beeen fishing the Green since he was 15 years old.  He had a 3 season stint of full time guiding back in the 2000’s with Denny Breer.

After guiding, he went on to chiropractic school and now runs a successful holistic health clinic in Idaho Falls that offers regenerative medicine, functional medicine and chriopractic.
Guiding has never left his blood. He has kept his skills sharp by teaching his kids to fish the South Fork, Henry’s Fork and the Green.
He is a go to when it comes to getting young anglers to have a great experience and has a great knowledge of the river.
We are excited to have Brady back on a part time basis.



Hello my name is Brock, I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah and have been coming up to the Green River for 32 years. My family has been recreating in this area my whole life and this is where I found my love for the green river and fly fishing. Some of the reasons why I love fly fishing for trout is I love where they live it’s never ugly and spending time in these areas with friends and family is what it’s all about. And of course getting a handshake now and again is a bounce that comes with the experience of flyfishing.I was a client Of Doug Roberts as a kid and have been working for him ever since he bought the company in 2010. I have experience for all levels of clients whether you’re a beginner or an expert. I’m very passionate about what I do, I don’t think you can ever fish enough especially when it come.


Originally moving to Utah in 2005 to attend the University of Utah and chase powder in the Wasatch Mountains, Brenton quickly transitioned to chasing trout in the fantastic fisheries that Utah and Southwest Wyoming has to offer.  For the past seven years, Brenton has been sharing his passion for fly fishing with others and providing clients with the fly fishing adventure of a lifetime.  He looks forward to the opportunity to teach others about his passion for fly fishing, knowledge of the area and spending an incredible day with you not he water

Stuart Handy otherwise known as Big Stu, started Guiding on the Green in 1986 and is a great guy to spend a day on the water with! He has a passion for dry fly and streamer fishing and whatever else brings a smile to his clients face!  He will be available for guiding mostly Summer and Fall.


I am happy to report to you that James Boehm now works for Old Moe Guide Service! 
James has been a Green River fly fishing Guide since 2000 and because his dad Hank has been a Green River fly fishing Guide since the 1980's he spent nearly every Summer on the Green from a very young age. So you can say that James knows the Green better than most. James is well versed in all fly fishing technique's, Dry fly, Nymphs,and Streamers, his favorite technique is which ever one is working best at the time. 


After attending school at Colorado State University, Dan moved to Utah in 2014 to continue pursuing his two life passions of fly fishing and backcountry skiing. Shortly after, he started sharing his passion for fly fishing with others and began guiding on Utah's Provo and Weber rivers. In 2019, Dan started guiding on the Green River. He loves the sport, the places it takes him, and the people he meets along the way.

Being born and raised in the upstate of the Carolinas, it's only natural for my blood to run orange and my heart to be rooted in those wise ole Appalachian Mountains.  In 2009, I had the opportunity to spend six months immersed in all things “a-puh-LATCH-uhn”, spanning the length of Georgia to Maine at the pace my feet were willing to allow. Consequences of hiking long distances lead me to California in 2015. Along the way, I was exposed to even older rock that offered its' own intoxicating appeal: the canyon country along the winding Green River in Utah. I was transfixed then as I am now.
Most days you'll find me on the river dipping oars until complete darkness blankets the slopes of the Uinta Mountains. Other days, I'll be found spotting tailing carp along the shallows of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Regardless of the day, my feet have taken a backseat to my arms.

Spencer Black has lived in Utah for most of his life and grew up fly fishing small trout streams since his childhood. One stream ran behind his house, in fact. He started working in area fly shops In high school and has a B.S. in Recreation Resource Management with a minor in Fisheries from Utah State University. After college he worked for the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fisheries, as well as an upscale lodge in Alaska. 
    From these experiences and training, he has become an expert at reading river strategy and trout and aquatic invertebrate habitat. He has been a guide on the Green River for two years, helping hundreds of clients learn how to fly fish using the technique that best suits them and will ensure them a successful day on the River.
    When Spencer is not fishing for trout in the Green River, he spends time chasing upland and waterfowl with his bird dog Riffle, big game with a bow, and spey fishing for steelhead in the Northwest.

Daniel was raised in Jackson Wyoming. He learned to fly fish at six years old, learned to tie flies at seven years old. He has been in love with fly fishing and the outdoors ever since. He has fished most of the trout streams in Western Wyoming, Eastern Idaho, Southwest Montana, and Northern Utah.
Daniel spent years wanting to guide, and started his own company in Afton Wyoming guiding on the Salt River. After a few years of only a few clients a year, he made   the jump to guide in a bigger market.
Daniel went to guide school in 2019. This will be his second year guiding on the Green River here in Dutch John Utah. 
Daniel has a passion for guiding that can come off as intensity. Daniel gets just as excited when people catch fish, as they do. Daniel also loves teaching people who have never fly fished before. In most instances he can take someone that has never touched a fly rod to casting dry flies by the end of the day. Daniel can instruct even experts who want to improve just about any aspect of their fly fishing. Casting, fly selection, and entomology can all be discussed, and knowledge given or improved upon on your guided day with Daniel.
Daniel has over 40 years of fly fishing experience and has many return clients. Do not hesitate to book your day with Daniel. He loves telling jokes, and making people laugh. Daniel has a ton of movie references and enjoys asking clients their favorite movies when he is tying on new flies or undoing the inevitable tangles that happen on the river. He also drives long haul during the winter, and probably has driven through or close to where you are from as he has been in every state in the lower 48.
If everything else fails, you might ask him to do his self titled, 'fat man here fishy fishy dance'. He says it is only stupid when it doesn't work, and most of the time it does.


Brandon's family has lived in Park City, Utah for four generations. He has been guiding on the Green River with Old Moe Guide Service since 1999.  The Green river is just over 3 hours from Park City.  This is a Blue Ribbon fishery and is world renowned for trophy-sized trout and scenic beauty. Our trips provide some of the best fishing in the country.  The river allows fishing with artificial lures only.  We fly-fish on any of the "three river sections" which begin below Flaming Gorge Dam and total 28 miles.  Brandon also owns and operator Park City Outfitters.  He offers Provo River wade fishing trips, other rivers and some hunting opportunities. If you are interested in a Provo River fishing trip, Green River Float trio or hunting with Brandon here is the link to his web site




Our Green River fly fishing guides are professionally trained and Orvis endorsed with many years of experience.  I can assure you that you will have a great day on the water with any one of these fun guides. Their guiding passion in life is to teach people how to fly fish. These guys love what they do and have a great attitude while doing it.  A good qualified fly fishing guide equals success on the Green River.

Old Moe's philosophy is to provide the best trip possible for each individual. We enjoy the beauty of the Green river canyon through which the Green River flows and accentuate the entire experience related to fly-fishing in our trips. Our aim is to create the most enjoyable trip possible for you, from instructing the beginner or novice who wishes to be taught the basics --- including casting, rigging outfits, and stalking and catching fish, or for the more advanced flyfisher who needs just the guides excellent knowledge of the river

Matt's been guiding outdoor adventures for all of his adult life. He first fell in love with fly fishing as a teenager in southern Colorado.  He spent multiple seasons on the Gunnison River working for the National Park Service and pursuing a Natural Resources degree.  Matt now spends half of the year guiding hunters and ranching in New Mexico and the other half guiding fly fishers on the Green.  He hopes to have a great time with all of his clients and help take care of this wonderful fishery.


Call today for information, reservations and ask about out lodging special!






Mitch Kirwan, owner at Moe Henery's fly shop in Fraser CO. Mitch comes over to lend a hand when we need an extra guide and has been guiding on the Green for many years and is a most excellent guide!

Jackson Woodward brought a new face to Old Moe in the 2019 season, Jack showed that he can run with the best of us. Whether it’s hunting big game or big trout he’s the first in line. He has spent his whole life on the mountain hunting and fishing in destinations all over the globe. He grew up just 30 minutes away from the Green river below Flaming Gorge and has countless hours on the river and in the hills guiding clients to their trophy’s. In the off season Jackson is usually riding in neck deep powder or driving snow cats at the resort. If you are interested in booking a guided float trip with Jack, check with Shelly to see his availability.Type your paragraph here.