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We offer guided fly fishing trips on the Green River in Utah.

We also provide an up to date fly fishing report. Our Green River fly fishing guides are some of the best.

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1400 square ft, 3 bed 2 bath and garage located just 2 miles from the Green River in Dutch John.


     Green River float trips offer incredible fly fishing and sights.
The Green River from it's source high in the Wind River Mountains flows south across Wyoming into the Flaming Gorge Reservoir on the borders of Wyoming and Utah. In the very deep Red Canyon 30 miles from the border stands Flaming Gorge Dam with the river flowing crystal clear below, and at a very agreeable temperature for the trout and insect life. 
Renowned for it's abundance of Rainbow, Cutthroat, Hybrids, and Brown Trout, this gin clear stretch of the Green River offers some of the best tail water fly-fishing in the world. The average fish run 15 to 18 inches and can weigh fairly good for their length, and there is a good number of fish considerably larger. Browns have been caught up to 29 lbs. and Rainbows to 23 lbs. There are 28 miles of fish-able water on the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam to the Colorado state line. These 28 miles are divided into 3 separate sections each with its' own personality:

     A Section (Red Canyon)
The Green River from the base of the Dam and flows 7.6 miles through the spectacular and rugged lower part of Red Canyon and ends at the tiny valley called Little Hole. This section offers the highest percentage of fish per mile and easy access, but also receives the brunt of the traffic, causing fly-fishing experience to vary from day to day, especially weekends. 

     B Section (Devil's Hole)
The Green River in this section is more remote, starting at Little Hole and flowing 9 miles into Browns Park ending at the Indian Crossing boat ramp. The terrain on B changes from rugged canyons to a drier desert park. The fishing pressure and rafting traffic decreases considerably. Camping along the river in this section is permitted and the US Forest Service and the BLM have built many campgrounds for those people wishing to spend the night on the river, and gives us a chance to run some very quality overnight camping excursions. 

     C section (Browns Park):
The Green River in this section flows 12 miles through Browns Park, once a haven for outlaws, to Swallow Canyon boat ramp. There are several floats in this section, all more open, with less fish per mile, but produces very challenging fly-fishing with long casts, long drifts, wonderful scenery and a very good chance to catch a large fish. It also is subject to wind. We always have to watch for it when deciding to float this section. 

Suggestions - if you are new to the sport of fly-fishing, we suggest you have some casting lessons before coming. If possible, or let us know so we can set up lessons. A little knowledge on casting allows for more fishing time once we are on the Green, and may also save you from the frustrations of learning to cast and getting a good drift at the same time.

We are fortunate to have a great group of Green River fly fishing guides working with us. Our professional  guides are very knowledgeable when it comes to fly fishing the Green and are Orvis endorsed assuring our clients the very best fishing experience will work hard to provide you the best guided Green River fly fishing trip possible. Our Green River fly fishing guides names are, Dano Bolton, James Boehm, Paul Messerschmidt, Danny Mangum, Eric Pietz, Rod Mangum, Chris Pearson, Jim Cohen, Brock Henderson, Tom Knight, Brandon Bertagnole, Terry Collier, Steve Burt, Mitch Kirwin, Kevin Moser. We pride our self's on being professional, helpful and informative, you can expect a fun day on the river. We generally will meet you at a specified time at one of the two fly shops in Dutch John.

When fly fishing the Green River we recommend that you bring a 9ft fly rod 4 to 6wt and reel with floating line,a 9ft tapered leader,and rain gear, in the Spring and Fall I recommend that you wear waders.
We provide soft drinks, if you want alcohol you must bring that with you. We also provide all of the flies and tippet that you might need,rental rods are available. We also provide an up to date fly fishing report.          

All of our trips are done in a drift boat for comfort and for a steady platform for fly casting. All of our guides are good teachers and will be more than happy to give you friendly advice on your casting and techniques.
Be sure to let your guide know what you want out of your day with him,that way he can accommodate your preferences and work toward fulfilling your fly fishing expectations.   Fly fishing Utah Green River guides at are here for you!                                                                      

April 1st to October 31st $200 per room.  2 people per room max. 

November 1st to March 31st $150 per room. 2 people per room max.

Permittee of Ashley National Forest

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Fly Fishing Green River, Utah

    Fly Fishing Beginners Welcome
Fly fishing Green river scenic canyons from a drift boat is a perfect fly fishing get away with our expert instructors and guides. You do not need to know a thing about fly fishing to have success on the green river.  Our professional Green River Fishing Guides are Orvis endosed as well as being very patient teachers and they will give you the tools you need to become a good fly fisherman.The Green River is a unique and one of a kind river, with an estimated trout population of 12 thousand fish per mile.The Green has very consistent fishing year round. One of the most common questions that people ask me about the Green is (what is the best time of year to catch lots of fish?) I would have to say that the month of April offers some of the easiest fly fishing. The Blue-Wing-Olive May fly hatch in April can cause a feeding frenzy, making the trout exceedingly easy to catch. There are a lot of other times of year that the fly fishing is extremely good as well I talk more about that in my Green River Fishing Report. Our Knowledgeable Fly Fishing Green River Guides will make sure that you have a great day no matter when you decide to come fly fishing.